Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Weblog Assignment #4

Vice City- the next Grand Theft Auto

In the article ”Busjacking for Grownups” by Lev Grossman, the author point out that Vice City is popular because of many reasons. Vice City is set in a fictional version of Miami, circa 1986. The video games are not toys, they are sophisticated, so many grownups interest in them. The maker draw streets meticulously, it looks like our real world. In this game, you face problems are real-world problems. You can choose how to solve those problems. The story will be different and it depends on the choices you make. The video game also teaches us about right and wrong.

My opinion:
Almost every video game is full of violence. Some people think that we can release our pressure by killing people in the fictional world. I think that we can release our pressure through other ways. If people are spellbound by the plot, they perhaps can’t differentiate between real world and fictional world. Teenagers are in touch with violence frequently, it is not good for their personality. I think that too much violence is not good for everyone.